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Apply for a secured business card to supercharge your savings

Secure your spot in the fast lane and fuel the future of your business.

What is a secured gas card and what does it do?

Whether you’re a small business just starting out or a regional presence moving toward expansion, take the first step to your business dreams with our secured gas card. Fuel your fleet and drive progress when you save with each gallon in your tank. Powered by Visa and accepted nationwide, our secured fuel card comes with easy-to-use features, including an instant 1099 payroll system, an interactive Driver App, and a centralized fuel card management system that allows you to control how and when your secured visa card is used. 

Take advantage of our top-tier fleet fuel cards with discounts at gas stations throughout the country, streamline your driver experiences, and enjoy best-in-class security features and fraud protection. When you apply for our secured business credit card, you’re making an investment in your business. AtoB reports regularly to Experian, helping you build credit each time you fuel up. We’re committed to building your fleet for the future. All you have to do is do business as usual. 

Increase efficiency now

How to use the secured gas card

Using our AtoB secured fuel card is easy. Simply fill out an AtoB fuel card application and begin saving as soon as you’re approved. Your drivers will have access to our interactive Driver App on the go, displaying real-time fuel price updates and exclusive discounts. And your fleet managers can control and limit secure digital payments from the back end through our integrated management platform. Snag a secured business card, secure your fueling options, and secure your business’s future.

Increase efficiency now
Enjoy top-tier discounts all across the country—and zero hidden fees
Power up for less wherever you go with an extensive fueling network
Prevent misuse with SMS Unlock, pin authorization, and Telematics integration

Case Studies

AtoB in action

Rhythm Trucking Testimonial AtoB

Their support team is so quick with resolution, and their web portal is so easy to access for retrieving transactions and analyzing weekly or monthly discounts.

Rhythm Trucking
Y B Logistics LLC Testimonial AtoB

This fleet fuel card has turned out to be a great asset. I requested a $2500 limit and it was given to me in 10 minutes!

Y B Logistics LLC
Lucky's Pilot Car Service LLC Testimonial AtoB

The AtoB fuel card gives me that cushion so I don’t panic while waiting on invoices to be paid. Great product and a customer for life. Thanks again.

Lucky's Pilot Car Service LLC
Taylor Transfer LLC Testimonial AtoB

This is the best fuel card on the market. The flexibility it gives you along with the extra layer of assurance that you can use it in the event of an emergency such as a lock out or blown tire is unmatched.

Expedited Services LLC
Expedited Services LLC Testimonial AtoB

We can fill at any gas station or truck stop in the nation and since there are no transaction or out of network fees, it doesn’t cost us anything extra.

Taylor Transfer LLC
Backwater Logistics LLC Testimonial AtoB

The AtoB card is as easy as using my business debit card. It’s accepted everywhere and works every time.

Backwater Logistics LLC
Increase efficiency now


Have a question?

How can I get a fuel card?

To sign up for an AtoB fuel card—and begin to build business credit today—simply provide an EIN, driver’s license, and three months’ business revenue. Our online self-serve application doesn’t require a Personal Guarantee or even a social security number. We do require applicants to be an LLC, C-corp, or nonprofit to drive with AtoB. 

Once you’ve submitted your online application, our experienced sales team will review your information and reach out for any further documentation. We’ll then provide you with a fuel card option based on your profile. 

As soon as you activate your card, you can begin saving with our exclusive discounts. Our secured fuel card is powered by Visa, so you’ll receive signature AtoB benefits at stations anywhere, from your go-to local stop to the mom-and-pop across the country. 

Need to increase your spending as your business expands? Build toward a higher credit limit with regular usage of our cards. We also report to Experian, helping small businesses establish credit over time. Talk to a member of our team today to discuss how AtoB can help your business reach your unique goals.

How do I manage my fuel card?

Whether you’re fueling near or far from base, managing your fleet is essential to doing better business. Keeping your transportation needs organized helps you cut spending to a minimum and boost savings to a maximum. That’s why AtoB provides both driver-centric mobile-friendly apps and a cutting-edge, centralized platform for administrators. With AtoB, you’ll be able to track your fuel card and your company finances on the highway and at HQ. 

When it comes to the back end of your ops, your fleet managers and operations team will enjoy complete fuel control and compliance support. The AtoB system makes it easy to set custom fuel limits for individuals, teams, and entire fleets. Turn on SMS Unlock to prevent fuel misuse and track your spending in our centralized management hub. 

With a single integrated platform, AtoB helps you manage much more than just your fuel card. On the driver side, your teams have access to instant 1099 payroll and a user-friendly payments portal, no matter the distance traveled. And you can take your business far with seamless integrations with Telematics providers, fleet management software, and other transportation management systems. If you’re looking to drive your business forward, turn to AtoB for an easy solution to all your transportation-related expenses. 

Is a fuel card a credit card?

Your fuel card is a type of business credit card that your business can use for gas purchases and other vehicle-related expenses, including repairs, maintenance, and tolls. 

With a secured gas best credit card from AtoB, you’ll retain all of the spending control of a debit card while gaining access to a nationwide network of discounts and rewards. The more you fuel, the more you’ll save. 

Fuel secured credit cards also offer opportunities to establish a positive credit history for your business, which can be immensely helpful for securing lower interest rates down the line. We understand the importance of building credit, especially as a small business, so we regularly report to Experian. With consistent use and payments, your company can build credit and increase your credit line over time. We can’t wait to see how you’ll expand further down the road.