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Flexible fuel cards. First-rate discounts.

Unlock fuel discounts and beyond with AtoB fuel cards.

What is a fuel discount card and what does it do?

For any organization that operates on the road, fuel discount cards offer multi-purpose benefits that can power growth. Fuel discount cards help businesses distribute funds to drivers, maintain remote management of expenses, track fuel usage and purchase data, and save cash on fuel and other vehicle-related purchases through in-network suppliers. If you’re looking for a convenient, powerful way to manage your business, fleet fuel cards with discounts can be a critical asset in your toolkit. 

But not all fuel cards are created equal. Because our card is a universal fuel card powered by Visa, you’ll find AtoB fuel card discounts at over 99% of truck stops and fuel stations nationwide, giving you 100% control of how and when your card is used. With AtoB, your fuel purchase is covered whether you’re buying from a big box store or topping off the tank at a mom-and-pop truck stop. Ready for discounted prices and a card that never cuts corners? Apply today to start saving money end-to-end. 

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How to use the fuel card discount

Securing discounts with an AtoB fuel card is simple. Upon approval, you’ll gain access to savings and fuel rewards at every station that accepts Visa. For added convenience and efficiency, your drivers can easily tap into our Driver App for real-time insights into gas prices, available discounts, and in-network stations. We don’t impose spending requirements or limits on the amount of discounts your fleet can receive so that you can go the extra mile for your business. Just stop at any gas station, swipe your fleet card, and save on fuel. Then, track your savings in our centralized digital fuel card management system

While some fuel card providers will boast major discounts per gallon, their in-network truck stops are few and far between. Even worse, they pile on hidden fees that can seriously stack up. With AtoB’s fuel discount cards, you can allocate funds, set limits, or buy on a secured credit card and pay at the end of the month with our virtual payment solutions. Use your AtoB fuel card in whatever way suits your drivers, your finances, and your business best.

Increase efficiency now
Find the best-priced gas along your route
Easily adapt security features and admin settings for your business
Enjoy end-to-end savings with zero hidden fees

Case Studies

AtoB in action

Rhythm Trucking Testimonial AtoB

Their support team is so quick with resolution, and their web portal is so easy to access for retrieving transactions and analyzing weekly or monthly discounts.

Rhythm Trucking
Y B Logistics LLC Testimonial AtoB

This fleet fuel card has turned out to be a great asset. I requested a $2500 limit and it was given to me in 10 minutes!

Y B Logistics LLC
Lucky's Pilot Car Service LLC Testimonial AtoB

The AtoB fuel card gives me that cushion so I don’t panic while waiting on invoices to be paid. Great product and a customer for life. Thanks again.

Lucky's Pilot Car Service LLC
Taylor Transfer LLC Testimonial AtoB

This is the best fuel card on the market. The flexibility it gives you along with the extra layer of assurance that you can use it in the event of an emergency such as a lock out or blown tire is unmatched.

Expedited Services LLC
Expedited Services LLC Testimonial AtoB

We can fill at any gas station or truck stop in the nation and since there are no transaction or out of network fees, it doesn’t cost us anything extra.

Taylor Transfer LLC
Backwater Logistics LLC Testimonial AtoB

The AtoB card is as easy as using my business debit card. It’s accepted everywhere and works every time.

Backwater Logistics LLC
Increase efficiency now


Have a question?

How do I get fuel discounts?

If you’re a company or organization, the easiest way to get fuel discounts is to purchase fuel with a fuel card. Fuel card providers work with a network of truck stops to offer their cardholders discount fuel prices. Whether you’re an owner-operator making deliveries with your own sixteen-wheeler, or you’re a non-profit with a small fleet of sprinter vans, a fuel card is a smart choice for any on-the-road operation. 

AtoB is powered by Visa, which means the AtoB network extends to any truck stop (or other vehicle service operation) that accepts Visa. Forget about long detours to in-network truck stops and costly hidden fees, and say hello to daily savings across the country with AtoB.

Are discount gas cards worth it?

A fuel card is a useful tool for any business entity with wheels. Much like gas credit cards, fuel card contracts vary greatly depending upon the provider. The unfortunate truth is that some disreputable fuel card providers may try to take advantage of you and your business by offering discounted fuel cards with steep hidden fees. 

It’s important to read the fine print and consider every aspect of your fuel card before committing. For instance, some cards that boast massive discounts at the pump may also impose restrictions that limit the real-life application of the discount. 

A fee-free fuel card with a large network of truck stops is undoubtedly worth it. AtoB cards fulfill both of these requirements and offer a whole host of other benefits for drivers and fleet managers alike. For unbeatable accessibility, unparalleled tech, non-stop support, and discounted fuel, your best route is AtoB.

How much can you save with a gas card?

Most fuel cards offer somewhere between 2 and 15 cents off per gallon. Even a discount of just a couple of cents per gallon adds up quickly, especially if you’re operating a fleet of vehicles. Over time, fuel cards can build serious savings for your organization and help you manage personnel, vehicle maintenance, and overall finances.

Unfortunately, fuel cards that offer the highest, “too-good-to-be-true” savings at the pump tend to come along with hidden fees and restrictive policies. It’s best to do business with a fuel card provider that has a wide area of service, a transparent payment structure, and an easy-to-use interface, even if that means accepting a lower face-value discount at the pump. With AtoB, you’ll get the best of both worlds—premium discounts and honest service. Want to learn more about how much you can save? Contact our team today.    

Do fuel cards charge a fee?

Fuel card companies collect fees for all sorts of things—account creation fees, monthly account fees, and transaction fees to name a few. Less reputable card providers will hide these fees in the fine print and attract customers with savings that don’t add up.

We believe that a fuel card is supposed to simplify your operations and save you money, not nickel and dime you until you end up in the red. With AtoB, it’s free to apply, transfer money, and manage your account. Our business model is built on transparency, consumer convenience, and integrated, intuitive tech. That means you can feel completely confident in every purchase, guaranteed.