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Over the road fleets

Interstate Fleet Fuel Cards

The features you need to manage your OTR fleets far and wide.

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Fleet Fuel Cards
Fleet Fuel Cards
Why AtoB for over the road fleets?

Designed to go the distance

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The more you fuel, the more you save

Long-distance fleets save significantly more money with AtoB. Enjoy fuel discounts nationwide and save up to 25¢ per gallon with the AtoB Driver App after 3 months of regular card use.

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Find savings along your pre-planned route

Don’t drive extra miles for discounts. The AtoB Driver App gives real-time visibility on the best fuel savings available along a drivers route.

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Monitor suspicious purchases

Get real time alerts any time a driver tries to make an unauthorized purchase. Through our Telematics integration, Secure Card Unlock, and custom controls, AtoB will validate every transaction while you focus on managing your fleet.

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Hundreds of contractors, one payroll portal

Nationwide fleets are a lot to manage, but at least the payroll can be simple. AtoB processes driver payments 24/7, automates your tax reporting, and gives your drivers on demand access to all of their payroll information.


AtoB and over the road fleets

AtoB fuels local and over the road fleets with products to suit their needs.

Add even more value with our 3rd-party integrations

AtoB integrates with the telematics software of your choosing. Once integrated, we can co-locate the location of a transaction and location of the vehicle in real time, preventing fuel theft and card misuse.

Case studies

AtoB in action

Rhythm Trucking Testimonial AtoB
Saved with AtoB in just 6 months

AtoB is not hard to deal with. Dealing with Shell, FuelMan, and Merchant was hard. Everything about AtoB is awesome – from the application process to using the cards at the pump, no issues at all with AtoB.

Northeast transport
AtoB Perks

Plenty of rewards to fuel your growth

From breaks and tires to truck washes and repairs, save on fuel and vehicle expenses with AtoB’s partners.