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A Robust Card Program with Proven KPIs

With AtoB security features, we’ve been able to prevent our drivers from using our fuel cards for personal expenses. Thanks to AtoB’s Telematics integration, SMS Unlock, and the ability to proactively decline suspicious transactions, we’ve been able to finally ensure the spend on our cards are only at approved merchants and on approved transactions. Due to AtoB’s SMS unlock and telematics integration features, we believe fuel card misuse has now gone to zero.

Oliver Hahn, Head of Business Operations, Kyte

Switching to AtoB was a breeze. We were able to easily onboard all of our 80 employees on the driver app and start using AtoB’s discount network to claim big discounts on fuel. Our customer success rep is always there when we need him and extremely responsive.

Paul Stefano, GM of Dan King Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning

We used both Fuelman and Comdata cards. They were confusing, it was hard to work with the invoices, cards would randomly shut down, and it would take hours just to speak to someone who rarely would be able to solve our issues. Switching to AtoB Unlimited has been a night and day difference. It’s like AtoB listened!

Derrick Stotland, CEO, Stotland Trucking

With AtoB I have peace of mind. I’m not worried about possible fuel theft any more, which was a major issue over the past years because it’s virtually impossible to steal with AtoB. Your [AtoB’s] telematics integration and card unlock features make security easy and effective. This was always what we were looking for from a fuel card provider in the past, but have never been able to find it till we got with AtoB.

Matthew Johnston, Owner & President of AJL International