How to Prepay for Gas for Fleet Efficiency

Reviewed by
Vedant Khamesra
Published date:
December 19, 2022

Chances are fuel is one of your most significant expenses if you operate a vehicle or fleet for your business. Fortunately, you can streamline your fleet’s fuel management, build business credit, and save on vehicle-related expenses with a prepaid option.

As an owner, it’s essential to attune yourself to your business’s operational needs and purchase a prepaid gas option that helps your business coast easily. That’s why we’re outlining how to prepay for gas online and the various payment options you can implement to improve fleet efficiency.

How Can You Prepay for Gas?

Prepaying for gasoline typically encompasses one of two things: a pre-authorization at the gas pump or an in-store prepayment. That said, the most advantageous payment method will vary depending on your business’ network and predicted purchases. 

Before learning how to get a prepaid gas card, let’s look at a few different payment methods used to prepay for gas:

  • Cash
  • Debit Card
  • Credit Card
  • Fleet Card
  • Apps

Each of these payment methods comes with its advantages and disadvantages. 


When using cash, there’s no risk of fraud. That said, cash can be problematic for businesses, especially larger ones because it’s often difficult to track and keep tabs on transactions. 

And if you’re wondering how to prepay for gas at the gas pump, cash is typically not an option unless there’s an attendant on duty. 

Debit Card

Paying by debit card will allow you to prepay at the pump, provided the pump has the technology. Using a debit card at the plump allows drivers to stay close to their vehicles and avoid lines with the local gas station clerk.

Plus, using a debit card will pull directly from money available in your checking account, unlike a credit card, where drivers run the risk of overspending or accruing interest on purchases. It’s also common for fuel stations to offer discounted prices per gallon when using a debit card.

With that said, debit cards run the highest risk of scams, fraud, and data breaches, which can result in stolen sensitive information, such as card numbers, pins, and other banking information 1.

Credit Cards

Wondering how to prepay for gas with a credit card? Many credit cards offer rewards programs, including cash-back incentives or points toward travel and leisure. Even specialty discount gas cards may offer discounts on fuel, depending on where you fill up. 

Paying with a credit card is typically safer than using a debit card since most credit cards don’t require a pin. There’s also more flexibility: It’s no secret that gasoline prices aren't cheap—a gas credit card can come in handy if you don’t have enough funds in your checking account to fill up your vehicles. 

Using a gas credit card can also build credit for your businesses, as long as you’re paying off your balance on time—gas is expensive enough without interest. 

Fleet Card

A fleet card, commonly known as a fuel card, fits somewhere between a debit and a credit card. They can often be used as either, whether preloaded with cash or operated on a credit-based system. 

Here’s what you need to know about fuel cards:

  • Purchasing options – You can use some fleet cards for purchases outside of fuel, such as vehicle maintenance, lodging, tire changes, and tolls. 

  • Discounts – Fleet cards can help your business save on all vehicle-related expenses with competitive discounts (often with no minimum spend limit).

  • Security and finance management – Fuel cards from AtoB feature telematics integration and SMS Unlock features that prevent card misuse and fraud. Our spend management system also allows you to digitally track every transaction for full visibility. 

How do prepaid gas cards work? In short, prepaid gas cards behave like debit cards and come with a predetermined purchase limit.


You may have been wondering how to prepay for gas online. If you and your team have smartphones and a strong signal, you can easily integrate in-app purchases into your daily operations. 

Whether you have an iPhone, Apple Watch, or Android, users can choose to purchase gas using Apple Pay or Google Pay. Just open the app and follow the instructions to identify where in-app payment is eligible. 

Some companies, such as Chevron and Texaco, even have apps that allow you to purchase gas online using Venmo or Paypal.


How Prepaid Gas Cards Build Business Credit

Businesses using vehicles or fleets can prepay for gas in various ways. But if you’re looking to streamline fuel management and build business credit, a business gas card is most likely your best option.

When you pay your balances on time, business owners can improve their credit and receive more funds for expansion, employee pay, or other costs.

Building and maintaining good business credit is vital for a company’s growth. So whether you’re looking to fund daily expenses or purchase new vehicles, consider a fuel card company that consistently reports on-time payments to credit agencies.

How AtoB Prepaid Fuel Cards Can Help

AtoB serves local businesses and over-the-road fleets by offering fuel cards that go above and beyond. If you’re looking to save up to 25 cents per gallon and boost your business credit, look no further than AtoB.

AtoB wants to see your business grow, and we consistently report timely payments to credit agencies. In addition, AtoB is not limited to a specific network of service stations. You can fill up anywhere that accepts Visa and use your card to pay for vehicle maintenance, tolls, washes, and more. 

Thanks to AtoB’s spend management system, business owners can digitally track each purchase by card, driver, and location. This information can be made into tailored reports to suit your company's needs. 

So if you need to fuel your vehicles, why not also fuel your credit with AtoB Unlimited? Fill out your AtoB fuel card application today!

Maximize fleet efficiency with our multiservice fuel card and streamline your gas prepayment process.


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Reviewed by

Vedant Khamesra

Vedant Khamesra is the driving force behind product management at AtoB. Specializing in strategic partnerships, SMB solutions, and new product development, Vedant seamlessly navigates P&L responsibilities while leading product execution and strategy. He is fueled by AtoB's mission to empower truckers and fleets with intelligent financial tools and services, making their lives easier and more rewarding.

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