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More miles, more money. Sign up for a fuel card today.

With no hidden fees or credit history requirements, the AtoB fleet card application is all about ease and efficiency.

What is a fuel card and what does it do?

An AtoB fuel card is the best way to grow your fleet while minimizing costs. Our Visa-backed cards ensure savings on every gallon, with access to exclusive discounts. Use our universal fuel card at any pump nationwide—your drivers won’t need to worry about going off-course to find in-network stations. Employees can also charge repairs, new auto parts, and other vehicle-related expenses to the fuel card, streamlining operations by keeping all costs on one company credit line and eliminating the need for personal reimbursements. Plus, our virtual payment solutions are secure. With merchant limits, authorization features, and 24/7 support, you’ll be in the driver’s seat no matter where your fleet is headed. 

Ready to kick your business into gear? Start your fuel card application on our homepage within minutes. You’ll just need to upload your EIN, driver’s license, and bank statements from the past three months. Unlike other providers, we’ll never ask for a credit score or Personal Guarantee. No matter the size of your fleet, we’re committed to helping your business grow.

Increase efficiency now

How to apply to the AtoB fuel card

You can easily submit your AtoB fuel card application on our website in just a few clicks. As long as you’re an LLC, C-corp, or non-profit, you’re eligible to apply, regardless of your fleet size. For any business, gas card application is the first step toward exclusive discounts, easy payment solutions, and tightened security.
Increase efficiency now
Save on all vehicle costs with one integrated line of credit
Streamline mileage logs, transactions, and payroll
Take control with security features that keep up with drivers nationwide

Case Studies

AtoB in action

Rhythm Trucking Testimonial AtoB

Their support team is so quick with resolution, and their web portal is so easy to access for retrieving transactions and analyzing weekly or monthly discounts.

Rhythm Trucking
Y B Logistics LLC Testimonial AtoB

This fleet fuel card has turned out to be a great asset. I requested a $2500 limit and it was given to me in 10 minutes!

Y B Logistics LLC
Lucky's Pilot Car Service LLC Testimonial AtoB

The AtoB fuel card gives me that cushion so I don’t panic while waiting on invoices to be paid. Great product and a customer for life. Thanks again.

Lucky's Pilot Car Service LLC
Taylor Transfer LLC Testimonial AtoB

This is the best fuel card on the market. The flexibility it gives you along with the extra layer of assurance that you can use it in the event of an emergency such as a lock out or blown tire is unmatched.

Expedited Services LLC
Expedited Services LLC Testimonial AtoB

We can fill at any gas station or truck stop in the nation and since there are no transaction or out of network fees, it doesn’t cost us anything extra.

Taylor Transfer LLC
Backwater Logistics LLC Testimonial AtoB

The AtoB card is as easy as using my business debit card. It’s accepted everywhere and works every time.

Backwater Logistics LLC
Increase efficiency now


Have a question?

What credit score do I need to get a gas card?

Many fuel card applications have credit requirements, but with AtoB, you don’t need a credit score to apply for a gas card. Any fleet, no matter its size or credit, is eligible to apply. All you need for the AtoB fuel card application is your EIN, driver’s license, and proof of revenue from the past three months. 

We know that small businesses might not have credit information just yet, and that’s okay. We want to help your business grow. That’s why we report to Experian, an internationally recognized credit reporting company—to ensure you’re improving creditworthiness as you refuel. We take an innovative approach to business gas cards, and we’re proud to help pave the way for the drivers of the future. 

How hard is it to get approved for a gas card?

AtoB makes it easy to submit a fuel card application. Unlike other fuel card providers, we don’t require a business credit score, Personal Guarantee, or Social Security Number to submit an AtoB fuel card application. We simply need to ensure that you’re an LLC, C-corp, or non-profit and verify your bank statements from at least three prior months.

We want to see your business succeed and to help you reach new milestones with best-in-class support. 

What do you need to get a gas card?

The first thing you’ll need to get a gas card is a desire to save money, increase efficiency, simplify bookkeeping, and improve driver retention. From there, it’s simple. AtoB fuel card requirements include proving your status as an LLC, C-corp, or non-profit and submitting revenue from the last three months. We’ll also need a few documents to complete your application, such as your EIN and driver’s license. We’ll never ask you to provide a credit score or even an SSN. 

Gas cards are typically used by businesses with fleets, but any company that racks up a lot of mileage can benefit from a fuel card. Keep in mind that fuel cards should only be used for business expenses. This rule doesn’t just apply to gas; any vehicle-related costs such as tolls, replacing wiper fluid, and auto repairs must relate to your business. For tax purposes, it’s important to keep a mileage log detailing your deductible expenses. 

Once you get your gas card, you’ll be able to improve fleet operations with our centralized management hub. With the convenience of a hyper-secure, high-tech fuel card, you’ll enjoy expense control, sustained support, and fraud protection so that you can give fleet cards to your drivers without worry. We’ve pulled out all the stops to keep you in the driver’s seat. Fully control card usage with the option to set operational hours, whitelisted merchants, and spending restrictions.

How fast can I be approved for a gas card?

You can be approved for a fuel card within just a week. Start by filling out the business gas card application on our website home page, which will take no more than 5 minutes. You’ll then be prompted to submit the rest of your documents. As soon as we review and approve your application, we’ll dispatch your cards and contact you to activate them. After activation, your fuel cards are ready to use. There are no start-up charges or other hidden fees. 

If you have any questions regarding your application, our customer support lines are available 24/7.