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Drive smarter with a company fuel card

Fuel your fleet and complete all business expenses with one secure corporate fuel card.

What is a company fuel card and what does it do?

Our company fuel cards power your fleet and innovate your business with exclusive discounts, best-in-class security features, and 24/7 support. From gas to auto parts and repairs to toll fees, a contractor fleet card makes it easy to manage all of your purchases with our digital payment systems while helping you cut down on expenses along the way. Enjoy access to special savings on fuel and seamless integrations with fleet card management and transportation management systems. And because time equals money in our business, your company line of credit ensures you won’t have to waste valuable hours juggling multiple statements and combing through reimbursements. With one secure card for all business expenses, you’ll streamline employee spending tracking and kick efficiency into high gear.

But that’s not all. Through regular business credit bureau reporting, we’ll help you build your credit and help you lay the groundwork for expanding your business. Whether you’re a private fleet, an OTR, or an owner-operator, a company fuel card can help you rev up your growth and power your success.

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How to use the company fuel card

Our commercial fuel cards are perfect for any business, big or small. Whether you’re powering a large fleet or growing a small business, our Visa fleet cards conveniently cover any and all vehicle-related company expenses. Simply secure your company fuel card with an easy Telematics integration that enables you to whitelist merchants and set spending limits. With the AtoB Driver app in their back pocket, your drivers can find the best places to refuel, complete their purchases with the fleet card, and continue safely and efficiently from point A to point B.
Increase efficiency now
Stay in the driver’s seat with custom control and security features
Go the distance without hidden fees or discount limits
Save anytime, anywhere with a universally accepted fuel card

Case Studies

AtoB in action

Rhythm Trucking Testimonial AtoB

Their support team is so quick with resolution, and their web portal is so easy to access for retrieving transactions and analyzing weekly or monthly discounts.

Rhythm Trucking
Y B Logistics LLC Testimonial AtoB

This fleet fuel card has turned out to be a great asset. I requested a $2500 limit and it was given to me in 10 minutes!

Y B Logistics LLC
Lucky's Pilot Car Service LLC Testimonial AtoB

The AtoB fuel card gives me that cushion so I don’t panic while waiting on invoices to be paid. Great product and a customer for life. Thanks again.

Lucky's Pilot Car Service LLC
Taylor Transfer LLC Testimonial AtoB

This is the best fuel card on the market. The flexibility it gives you along with the extra layer of assurance that you can use it in the event of an emergency such as a lock out or blown tire is unmatched.

Expedited Services LLC
Expedited Services LLC Testimonial AtoB

We can fill at any gas station or truck stop in the nation and since there are no transaction or out of network fees, it doesn’t cost us anything extra.

Taylor Transfer LLC
Backwater Logistics LLC Testimonial AtoB

The AtoB card is as easy as using my business debit card. It’s accepted everywhere and works every time.

Backwater Logistics LLC
Increase efficiency now


Have a question?

Can I give an employee a fuel card?

Absolutely. Company fuel cards allow you to integrate your business expenses into one line of credit. In addition to gas, your employees can use our fuel cards on most vehicle-related expenses, such as auto parts, trips to the mechanic, insurance, and more. 

Prevent employees from ever having to pay out of pocket for company transactions. Not only will using our company fuel card empower your drivers to find the best gas prices around, but it will also empower you to better manage your business’ finances. Avoid the tedious task of tracking down expense reports and completing reimbursements. By equipping your drivers with a company fuel card, you can make their jobs easier and your workload lighter. 

Is fuel cheaper with a fuel card?

The primary benefit of using a fuel card is how much you’ll save. Through partnerships with fueling stations, drivers gain access to exclusive discounts nationwide. With AtoB, the savings begin as soon as you sign up. Our commercial fuel cards are powered by Visa, so they can be used at any fueling station nationwide, even at local stations or in remote parts of the country. Since drivers can refuel at any pump that accepts Visa, they can pick and choose where to stop—saving valuable time by sticking to their route instead of going out of their way to find an in-network station. And, with an added boost from our Driver App, they can easily locate the best deals near them and map their trip based on the lowest gas prices. The more they refuel, the more you save. 

Whether you’re a big or small business, fleet cards lead to higher savings in the long run. For smaller companies, especially, building a line of credit with a fuel card can help sow the seeds of sustained growth and solvency. AtoB regularly reports to Experian to help our clients build their credit scores and grow their businesses.

Can I claim a mileage allowance if I have a fuel card?

Yes, you can still claim a mileage allowance when using company fuel cards. Any mileage accrued while driving for business use qualifies as deductible by the IRS. By using a mileage log, you can ensure accurate reporting when tax season rolls around. Our payroll system provides the tools you need to track miles, expenses, and more, all in one platform. We even provide 1099 tax reporting tools to simplify the process. You can choose to calculate your fleet-specific costs or use the standard mileage rates provided by the IRS. In both cases, a detailed mileage log is essential when reporting expenses. 

How much tax do you pay on a company fuel card?

You won’t have to pay tax on a fuel card if it’s for your business. Gas that’s used for business purposes is non-taxable. The same can be said for vehicle repairs, part replacements, and tolls related to your business operations. Anything paid for by the company fuel card for personal use, on the other hand, is taxable. This includes fuel that’s used for personal travel and commutes to and from work. 

Because non-businesses expenses are taxable, you’ll want to ensure that your company fuel cards aren’t being misused. With AtoB, you’ll have full control of your cards to ensure drivers properly adhere to your company’s spending policies. Set spending limits and operational hours for your corporate gas cards, and easily track transactions, vehicle routes, and fuel usage in real time on our integrated payroll platform. With security measures like PIN authorization, you’ll be able to protect your accounts and prevent headaches come tax season.