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Save on fuel while preventing fraud

Connect your AtoB fuel card to your Samsara account to prevent unauthorized usage - all while earning discounts on fuel wherever Visa is accepted.

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We use weekly fuel spend to determine your credit limit.
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How AtoB & Samsara
integration benefits you

Vehicle location tracking

With AtoB, you can verify that your driver's authorized vehicle is within 100 meters of the merchant's location for every card transaction. If not within the radius, the transaction is automatically blocked.

Fuel level tracking

With real time tracking of fuel tank capacityand level of every vehicle, AtoB can ensure transactions do not exceed a vehicle’s fueltank capacity.

How our features help our customers save on fuel costs


With AtoB, you can verify that your driver's authorized vehicle is within 100 meters of the merchant's location for every card transaction. If not within the radius, the transaction is automatically blocked.

Our customers save an average of

11¢ per gallon

Set Restrictions

Take control over when and how your drivers can use their fuel card, ensuring your drivers only make authorized purchases

Our customers save an average of

6¢ per gallon

Card Unlock

Ensure your cards can only be used by authorized drivers, protecting you from fuel theft and fraud through the AtoB driver app

Our customers save an average of

5¢ per gallon

Optimal Station Selection and AtoB Discount Network

Optimal Station Selection factors in all fuel listings in your market and discount offers in AtoB’s Discount Network to present your drivers with the best place to fuel optimizing for price and distance.

Our customers save an average of

21¢ per gallon

Total average amount saved with AtoB features: 43¢ per gallon

Don't take our word for it

How Samsara's customers are saving with AtoB Telematics integration and perks


Fleet size


Saved in the first year
with AtoB


Employees discovered per month making fraudulent purchases


Large urban markets with operations


Does integrating with Samsara through AtoB cost additional money?

If you want to reduce costs and streamline efficiency, you can’t go wrong with a gas card for your business. 

Gas cards make it easier to track fuel expenses and enjoy savings on every gallon. With the AtoB fuel card, which provides unlimited discounts, you’ll start enjoying the gas rewards the moment you sign up. With access to exclusive discount networks, your drivers can optimize savings while refueling. Plus, because they’re powered by Visa, our fleet cards can be used nationwide—even in remote stretches. With a business gas card in their back pocket and the help of our Driver App, your drivers can easily find in-network pumps on their routes and save critical cash for your growing business. We’ll never charge any hidden fees along the way—just help you save with every mile.

Gas cards can also increase efficiency in the office. Paperless expense tracking makes it easy to manage all facets of your business. On AtoB’s integrated payroll platform, you’ll find all statements and payment transactions and information about your cards, drivers, and vehicles. Come payday and tax season, you’ll enjoy unmatched convenience—no more tracking down reimbursement forms or missing receipts. 

What do I need to do to Integrate?

Fuel cards can help build your business’s credit. AtoB regularly reports to Experian, an internationally recognized credit reporting company, to ensure that our customers can establish a positive credit history every time they make a payment on their business fuel cards. 

A good credit score is essential for a small business and can potentially lower interest rates on future gas purchases. But if you’re just starting out and lack an existing credit history, don’t worry—we’ve got you covered. You don’t need a business credit score to sign up for a fleet fuel card with AtoB. No matter the size of your fleet, we’ll help you establish your business with every gallon of gas.

What are the payment terms?

Prepaid gas cards function like debit cards. Companies can add a prepaid balance directly to their drivers’ cards to use at the pump. At the pump, drivers will simply enter a pin number, select their fuel, and complete the fuel purchase. By opting for prepaid gas cards for their drivers, companies maintain control of spending.

While these debit-style cards can help business owners manage expenses, prepaid gas credit card lack the savings, efficiency, and business-building opportunities that come with a credit card. What if you’re looking for control and growth? That’s where AtoB comes into play. Our Visa-powered fuel cards allow you to set limits on specific cards or drivers, manage operational hours, and restrict card use if the corresponding vehicle is not nearby. They also come equipped with PIN authentication and other driver identification safeguards to provide enhanced fraud protection and ensure proper funds use.

But with AtoB, you’ll also enjoy the benefits of a secure line of credit. We report to Experian so that you can establish a positive credit history for your business. We also offer access to 24/7 support, unlimited discounts, and a Driver App which reveals the best gas price along your fleet’s path.

Signing up is easy for any business—from small fleets to massive enterprises. Unlike other fuel card providers, we don’t require a business credit score or even a Social Security Number. Instead, all we need is your EIN, driver’s license, and proof of business revenue from the past three months. After signing up, we’ll verify your documents, approve a credit limit, and send out your card. Once you activate the card, you’ll have all of the power of a prepaid gas card and a fleet credit card at your fingertips.

What other perks are on the way?

It’s free to sign up for a business gas card. At AtoB, there are no extra charges or hidden start-up fees. As soon as you’re approved, you’ll be able to tap into our network of savings and enjoy discounts as you refuel. 

Once you start spending on your fleet card, you must pay your statement credit in full by the due date. Thankfully, with our all-in-one paperless platform, it’s easy to understand your balance and complete the payment process. Because we report to Experian on a regular basis, every completed payment you make will help build your credit history—and your business. 

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