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Get more miles for your money

Find the lowest cost fuel and prevent its theft and misuse with the AtoB fuel card.

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Trusted by fleets big and small

Level up your savings

Your legacy fuel card might save you 5¢-10¢ per gallon through discounts, but only if your drivers fuel up at specific stations. However, these discounts don’t matter when you’re losing 5-10% of your fuel to theft and fraud. Here’s how AtoB solves these problems and puts you in the driver’s seat of your fleet’s finances.

Fuel at the
lowest price

Fuel prices vary heavily from station to station. The AtoB Driver App routes drivers to the station with the lowest cost fuel, saving you more than you would save with discounts alone.

$100k saved
in the first year

Eliminate fraud from your fleet

By integrating deeply with your telematics provider, AtoB blocks transactions when your vehicle isn’t at the pump, only allows the driver to purchase fuel equal to the tank capacity, and alerts you when fuel purchased doesn’t enter your vehicle.

$114k saved
in the first year

Set the rules
on spend

Set daily or weekly transaction limits and operational hours. Enable or disable spend categories. Assign and reassign cards in seconds. Get in the driver’s seat of your fleet’s finances.

6 hours
saved per week

Making fleets more successful

With AtoB security features, we’ve been able to prevent our drivers from using our fuel cards for personal expenses. Thanks to AtoB’s Telematics integration, SMS Unlock, and the ability to proactively decline suspicious transactions, we’ve been able to finally ensure the spend on our cards are only at approved merchants and on approved transactions. Due to AtoB’s SMS unlock and telematics integration features, we believe fuel card misuse has now gone to zero.

Oliver Hahn, Head of Business Operations, Kyte

Switching to AtoB was a breeze. We were able to easily onboard all of our 80 employees on the driver app and start using AtoB’s discount network to claim big discounts on fuel. Our customer success rep is always there when we need him and extremely responsive.

Paul Stefano, GM of Dan King Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning

We used both Fuelman and Comdata cards. They were confusing, it was hard to work with the invoices, cards would randomly shut down, and it would take hours just to speak to someone who rarely would be able to solve our issues. Switching to AtoB Unlimited has been a night and day difference. It’s like AtoB listened!

Derrick Stotland, CEO, Stotland Trucking

With AtoB I have peace of mind. I’m not worried about possible fuel theft any more, which was a major issue over the past years because it’s virtually impossible to steal with AtoB. Your [AtoB’s] telematics integration and card unlock features make security easy and effective. This was always what we were looking for from a fuel card provider in the past, but have never been able to find it till we got with AtoB.

Matthew Johnston, Owner & President of AJL International

Accepted anywhere Visa is

Don’t waste fuel finding the next fuel station. Transact at 99% of fuel stations.

24/7 Support

Industry’s lowest average wait time. Speak to a person within 29 seconds of your call. For free!

Easy to use dashboard

Assign cards, change restrictions, whitelist merchants in seconds.


No journey too big or small

AtoB fuels Local Businesses and Over the Road fleets with products that are built to suit their needs.

Fuel Card Savings

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Fuel Card Savings

How much can you save on fuel?

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Here’s how it works

Set Restrictions

Whitelist or blacklist specific merchants, add operational hours, activate or deactivate cards, set spend limits, add merchant category restrictions and more.

Secure Card Unlock

Help ensure only authorized users can use the card.

Telematics Integration to Validate Purchase Location

Opt-in to automatically decline transactions attempted over 100 meters from the authorized vehicle through Telematics and Transaction Blocking.

Optimal Gas Station Selection

Lock in the best fuel prices and select or ban specific fuel stop locations.

Telematics integration to track fuel level

Track all fleet vehicle's fuel levels and tank capacity. Block purchases that exceed a vehicle's tank capacity.

AtoB Perks

Discounts on more than just fuel

From breaks and tires to truck washes and repairs, save on fuel and vehicle expenses with AtoB’s partners.

About AtoB

Helping fleets manage their costs

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User-friendly tech that gets the job done

Our industry leading product team built a suite of simple, accessible, and impactful solutions.

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24/7 support

We offer customer service via phone, chat, and email with an average response time of 29 seconds.

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Innovating the industry

We’re building Stripe for Transportation — a modern, reliable payment infrastructure.