Frequently Asked Questions

What does "accepted everywhere" mean?

It means that you can use your AtoB card for fuel and fleet-related purchases anywhere that accepts Visa (over 99% of merchants)! No need to visit in-network fuel stations or stops. The Visa network is the AtoB network.

What can I use my AtoB card on? Is it only for fuel?

Cardholders can use AtoB for a variety of business expenses beyond fuel: auto-shop bills, roadside assistance, maintenance, tolls, business insurance, and more.

I only need a fuel card. Can I restrict my AtoB card for fuel purchases only?

Absolutely. We'd be happy to restrict your card and ensure that it's only active for fuel purchases.

Are there any hidden fees?

Your AtoB card comes with no fees: no per-card fees, per-transaction fees, ACH payment fees, or other pesky fees.

What discount do I get with the AtoB card?

Presently, we offer a flat 5ยข discount off of every gallon. While some other, older card networks claim to offer larger discounts, we find that our customers save more with our cards. Why?

  • Our discounts are available everywhere โ€” not just at specific, in-network locations.
  • For some discount programs, we've noticed that in-network stations add an artificial premium to the price per gallon. As a result, cardholders don't receive the full discount advertised.
  • While many larger discounts offered are limited to a specific number of gallons (say, the first 3,000 purchased in a given period), the discount AtoB offers is flat off of every gallon, forever.

What do I need to sign up with AtoB? My business is new, so I don't have a business credit score.

That's fine by us. We need your EIN, driver's license, and proof of business revenue from the past three months.

I manage a fleet with multiple drivers. Can I limit the amount that each driver can spend?

You have full control over the limits on each card. For each card, you can set a specific spending limit per-week, per-day, and per-transaction.

What are the payment terms?

We use Net-7 terms, meaning that you have seven days after the billing period ends to pay your balance. For example, if the billing period starts on Monday, August 1st, you'll be able to spend up to your credit limit through Sunday, August 7th, at which point the cycle starts over. However, your balance for this period will only be due on the following Monday, August 15th.

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