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No extra steps in your electrification journey. AtoB’s solution is EV-compatible straight out of the box.

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Plug and Play

Purpose-built for mixed-fuel fleets

Whether you're beginning the transition with one electric vehicle or leading the charge with one hundred, AtoB makes the transition seamless.

EV charging, biofuels,clean natural gas, and more

Use the AtoB card for energy purchases of any kind.We have your fleet covered however your vehicles stay powered and on the road.

All your transactions in one place

Get consolidated reporting for ICE vehicles and EVs on the same dashboard.

Charge everywhere. Pay anywhere.

Get consolidated reporting for ICE vehicles and EVs on the same dashboard.

Reimburse home charging

Track charging and pay employees when they charge at home.Overnight charging is more cost-effective and saves valuable driver time.

AtoB Carbon Neutral program

Go carbon neutral overnight, without changing anything in your fleet. Neutralize all or part of your emissions at a fixed per gallon fees that goes towards certified carbon offset projects.

Plan your transition

Inform your transition plan with detailed insights into each vehicle's fuel efficiency and emissions.

Coming soon

Power up your savings with the AtoB Driver App

Find the lowest cost compatible charging enroute and get view how many charge points are vacant right from the app.
Coming soon

EV loans for fleets

Making the switch to sustainable fuels can be a strain on your business's cash flow. Through AtoB’s lending partners, we can help make these costs easier to manage. Start adding electric vehicles to your fleet without breaking the bank.
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