5 Tips For Your Plumbing Van Organization

Reviewed by
Vedant Khamesra
Published date:
November 15, 2022

5 Tips For Your Plumbing Van Organization

Whether you’re learning how to start a plumbing business or have been in the industry for a while, organizing your vehicle to mobilize your services efficiently is key. Your plumbing van is the mobile hub for your entire plumbing business. If you have an efficient plumbing van setup you can work faster, take on more jobs, and make more money. In other words, plumbing van organization is an important part of growing your business and ensuring it thrives.

But what’s ideal when it comes to plumbing truck organization? While your strategy will need to be based on your particular plumbing work van or truck and your specific needs, there are some basic tips to start you on the right path. From plumbing van storage ideas to guiding organization principles, this guide will help you get your van into the best possible shape.

Tips for Organizing Your Plumbing Van

The exact way you organize your plumbing van will depend on many factors. How much space is in your van or truck? What’s your budget? How much equipment will you be transporting to each job? It will also depend on how you function. At the end of the day, you want things to be organized in a way that is intuitive and easy to use for you

But just because individual setups will vary doesn’t mean you can’t implement some universal rules to help you get started.

1. Install Shelves, Hooks, and Bins

The interior of your van is just a large open space. You may be able to fit a lot of plumbing tools back there, but it’s hard to organize if you don’t have anywhere specific to put things. And since your plumbing vehicle will be on the move, you may want to invest in more than storage boxes alone. That’s why installing shelves, hooks, drawer units, cargo area, and bins along the walls and floor of your van is so important for easy access and to maximize the storage space. A couple of tips:

  • Budget – There are plenty of affordable storage products you can buy to help you, including pre-made or easy-to-assemble shelving units. If you want to save money, you can also build your own shelving. Just be honest with your expertise (building shelves likely means woodworking) as you don’t want to spend time and effort on poorly made DIY shelves only to have to buy shelves in the long run.

  • Needs – Create an inventory of what you’ll need to store including items such as:

  • ~Wrenches
  • ~Pipes
  • ~Pipe cutters
  • ~Screwdrivers
  • ~Snakes

    Be sure to include everything. You know the items you need for most jobs. Once you have your inventory list, start to consider the best way to store everything. What items need shelf space? What items can be stored on hooks? What would be best kept in bins on the floor? This way you’ll know exactly how much storage you’ll need to create.

  • Safety – Don’t forget that you’re going to be driving your van. That means everything from the shelves themselves to the items you put on them need to be secured so they don’t fall during transit. After all, falling wrenches defeat the purpose of the organization and can be a danger to you and your plumbing vehicle.

2. Label Everything

Labeling ensures it’s always easy to find what you’re looking for and allows different people to use the van. Even if you’re a one-person operation today, you may grow in the future. You want a system in place where anyone, especially employees, can feel comfortable using your van.

3. Heavy At the Bottom; Heavy Near the Door

Back to our point about safety from earlier, let’s say something on a high shelf turns out to be less secure than you thought and ends up falling. Would you rather that be an assortment of washers or an assortment of hammers? Keeping heavier items on or near the floor of the van ensures nothing dangerous falls from above, potentially damaging you or your van.

It also makes sense to keep your heaviest items near the door for easy loading, unloading, and delivery of construction materials you may need for a job. This lets you get to work faster and saves you from unnecessary physical work.

4. Keep Like with Like

Have you ever looked for a socket wrench, found one, and then realized it was the wrong size? And you have no idea where the right-sized one is? By grouping items like wrenches together, you can eliminate this problem. That means keeping all your wrenches or other parts like showerheads in designated places. This way you don’t end up losing time or losing patience as you search in vain for the one screwdriver that isn’t with all the others.

5. Give Your Most-Used Items Get the Best Spots

There are some tools you rely on more than others. You know the ones. They’re the tools that just feel a little more comfortable in your hand because you’re so used to them. Create a kit with all your most-loved tools and be sure that kit lives in a place that’s easily accessed.

Once you know your specific needs for a job you can return to your van and gather everything you might need. But before you get to that point, having your go-to items close means you’ll be ready to roll for any job the moment you arrive on the scene.


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Reviewed by

Vedant Khamesra

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