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A fuel card designed for new businesses like yours

Start building business credit, transparancy in pricing, discounts of up to 84¢ off per gallon, and a higher rate of approval than industry incumbents.

Start building credit

98% of applicants are approved for the AtoB Trucking Card.
We use weekly fuel spend to determine your credit limit.
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By submitting this form you agree to our Platform Agreement and Privacy Policy. You may receive SMS communications from us and can opt out at any time. The AtoB Trucking Card is either an AtoB Flex Card or an AtoB Unlimited Card.

Discounts of up to 84¢ off per gallon at the stations you fuel at most

Discounts are automatically applied at the pump when you make a fuel purchase with the AtoB Trucking Card.
Image may contain: "AtoB Supporting Construction Fleets"
Image may contain: "AtoB Supporting Construction Fleets"

Everything you want in a fuel card and more

Unbeatable discounts

Discounts of up to 84¢+ off per gallon, averaging at 50¢ off per gallon at stations like TA Petro, Chevron, Cenex, and many others give your fleet the discounts needed to boost profits and cut bottom line expenses.

Unmatched acceptance

Fuel up anywhere, anytime. AtoB is built on Visa which means you can fuel up at 99% of stations, nationwide. Leave out of network fees behind for good.

Unbelievable convenience

Make vehicle related purchases anywhere Visa is accepted. Tires, oil changes, maintenance, and more. Should an issue arise, our support team is available 24/7 with an average call-to-answer wait time of just 29 seconds.

Acceptance rate

Higher acceptance rate than our competitors so your business can start building a credit history to reach your long-term business goals.

Finally, a card that saves you more than it costs

AtoB Trucking Card

Other cards

Account set-up fee



Transaction fees



Out-of-network fee



Admin dashboard fee



Late payment fee



Monthly per active card fees



Experience our easy-to-use dashboard

Take a self-guided product tour

See why Stotland Trucking chooses AtoB

AtoB enables Stotland Trucking to achieve 10% fuel savings while operating their fleet with greater efficiency

Stotland Trucking, a major player in transportation, faced obstacles with Fuelman and Comdata fuel card providers. These challenges involved managing invoices, card malfunctions, and slow customer support. To boost efficiency, Stotland Trucking switched to AtoB Unlimited, gaining benefits such as streamlined reporting, convenient card activation/deactivation, round-the-clock support, and a 10% fuel cost reduction through AtoB's discount network.


fleet size


reduction in total fuel costs with the AtoB Discount Network and AtoB Driver App


Saved per driver, each year on fuel fraud and through AtoB's Discount Network


hours saved per week on finance management with the AtoB Dashboard

Trusted and reviewed, tried and true.

Features to secure your fleet

Set Restrictions

Whitelist or blacklist specific merchants, add operational hours, activate or deactivate cards, set spend limits, add merchant category restrictions and more.

Secure Card Unlock

Help ensure only authorized users can use the card.

Telematics Integration to Validate Purchase Location

Opt-in to automatically decline transactions attempted over 100 meters from the authorized vehicle through Telematics and Transaction Blocking.

Optimal Gas Station Selection

Lock in the best fuel prices and select or ban specific fuel stop locations.

Telematics integration to track fuel level

Track all fleet vehicle's fuel levels and tank capacity. Block purchases that exceed a vehicle's tank capacity.

Experience a world-class fuel card


Purchase fuel anywhere that accepts Visa. Plus, make vehicle related purchases like oil changes, maintenance, tires, and more

No hidden
fees or costs

The AtoB Trucking Card has one recurring fee – $3 per month, per card. No other hidden fees baked into the fine print.

Driver App

Every driver can download the AtoB Driver App to find the cheapest fuel along their route, unlock their cards, and claim extra discounts.


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